This passion project evokes emotion through infographics with shocking statistics, dramatic photography, large overbearing type, and a monochromatic theme. For ”Land of the Free, Stolen from the Brave” I began by choosing my subject of American Indians and embarking on a thorough research plan.
Each poster contains a timeline documenting the history of America’s native peoples since the arrival of the Europeans, illustrating how their situation deteriorated to its current state. The image, text, logo, and call to action make up the rest of the content of the posters. The imagery, sourced from the Navajo Nation, puts a face to the stats looming overhead, and a call-to-action invites inspired viewers to get involved in the cause to bring aid to the peoples our ancestors abused and impoverished.
This campaign is about awareness of our history, an understanding of its lasting devastating effects on our native peoples, and striving to let that knowledge make us better humans for tomorrow.
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