For my senior capstone project, I wrote this research question, “In what ways can increasing the frequency of introspective moments in the natural world increase the joy of Miami University upperclassmen?” My solution is a collateral-based share program called Slight Detour. It stores users’ phones while they unplug and unwind with rental hammocks, blankets, and reading materials.
The stations will be built from up cycled university materials (here in my mockups, a cabinet) and self-sustaining succulent gardens will adorn the top. To use, students will tap their Miami IDs and select an open cubbie for their phones—available ones will be signified by the illuminated numbered buttons. After dropping off phones in the opened cubbie, it will securely re-lock. Next, users pick out a blanket, hammock, or both from from the second drawer. Lastly, they will pick reading materials from the third drawer. Since most people probably will not be spending hours upon hours here, the majority of the reading materials will consist of local and student newspapers, magazines and other short publications.
Branded way finding signage will function to both advertise and guide students to find each station. Like many familiar park and trail way finding systems, some signs will mark locations nearby, while others give relative directions to stations within walking distance. Detailed maps will live all over campus, marking every Slight Detour location relative to the map’s positioning to guide students and show them each location 
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